Makati Hope Language Center Programs

Makati Hope Language Center Offers

  • Strategically located learning and student-living facilities at the Ortigas business district.
  • International-standard and customized learning programs at affordable rates.
  • Qualified and licensed English teachers.

Online Courses

This course is designed to prepare the students who wish to take Academic module of International English language Testing System (IELTS). This course will enhance your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills that you need for the exam. The course covers all exam question types, as well as key grammar and vocabulary that will be useful to candidates needing to achieve a high band score in the test.

This course is designed for students who are planning to attend college or graduate schools in the United States. This course is designed with practice questions, English vocabulary, dialogues, written expressions and short conversation to help you maximize your understanding of words and errors in grammar expressions and comprehend spoken American English that will be useful to candidates needing to achieve high TOEFL score.

Standardized tests are given to students who want to pursue higher education or get successful future employment locally and abroad. These tests are used to effectively measure the English proficiency of learners and match appropriate jobs.

This course is designed focusing on developing the life skills of students need to deal with situations that they will encounter in the job market. The course will also help the students to be prepared in different scenarios in sales issues, doing marketing and product plans, finance, economics and global concerns in Business. Each lesson in this course is designed to present, develop and practice job related skills.

Business English is under the category English for Special Purposes (ESP) a webbing disciplines unders Advanced English Level. It aims the following:

  • 1. Use English for business communication in some situations via speaking, writing and listening;
  • 2. Read adapted passages and articles on business topics and identify main ideas;
  • 3. Carry on business correspondence by understanding and replying to simple incoming e-mails, faxes.
  • 4. To communicate information that is complete, correct, comprehensible and valuable
  • 5. To adapt to new work environment, interact with unfamiliar people in unfamiliar situations by providing relevant materials.

TOEIC course is designed specifically to prepare the students to adapt in real-life situations that are relevant to the global workplace (meeting, travel, telephone conversation, etc). The course will be focused on enhancing the students ability to recognize vocabulary in different context and respond appropriately in different situations. The students will be trained to be familiar with the test format, instructions and questions type and managing their time in taking the test. As for enhancing the students speaking proficiency, the course will prepare the students to be familiarized with the different speaking accents and to understand conversational English comfortably.

English as a Second Language (ESL) is an English language study program for non-native speakers. It is designed to improve the students level of English. The course teaches different language skills, depending on students English abilities, interests, and needs. The course will be focusing on the following: conversational English, grammar, reading, listening comprehension, writing, and vocabulary.

It is also designed to teach you firsthand about the culture and customs of the host country. It will help you immerse in a new language and culture, providing many opportunities to practice English both at school and in the local community. It will also usher you to meet many new and different people both in and outside of school.

The center-based program offers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels wherein we have listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar classes. It also provides comprehensive classroom instruction and interactive and functional application of the English language to achieve their personal needs in continuing education. Progress through levels will be measured by an approved standardized test like IELTS/TOEFL and documentation of attainment of competencies. Course duration runs for 40 hours (100hours), but students of beginner level are encouraged to go for 240 hours (200hours) of English class.

This course is designed to prepare learners with limited English proficiency to increase their ability to communicate in English and to correspond effectively in a multi-faceted society.

This course is designed to prepare learners with level higher than beginner English proficiency to increase their ability to communicate in English and to converse effectively in a wider variety of contexts. The content will be compatible with principles of language acquisition for learners of English and includes skills useful in daily social, educational and work-related life experience.

This course is designed to prepare learners with level higher than intermediate English proficiency. At the end of the course, they should have the skills required to communicate effectively, appropriately, accurately and fluently in most contexts, topics and situations, from predictable to unfamiliar, and from general to professionally specific, in the most communicatively demanding situations of daily social, educational and work-related life experience, and in predictable contexts.


The Free Teach is a 30-minute class offered to learners who wanted to expose themselves to the English Language. This is offered for FREE. Interested students are welcome every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the Month in Love China Fellowship, 4th Floor of Makati Hope Christian School at 1:10 to 1:40 in the afternoon and at 3:30 to 4:00 pm at Makati Hope Language Center in Ortigas Center.

MH Language Center aims holistic development to our students. To enhance students’ ESL skills, city tours help them apply skills beyond the corners of the classroom.

Early exposure to the Philippine Education System is essential for foreign students pursuing education here in the Philippines. MH Language Center in partnership with Makati Hope Christian School seek to provide engaging activities and higher level of education to ESL Students.

Dorms at the BSA Twin Towers are available for students distant from their institutions. Dorms are available from 1:1- 1:4 sharing.

This is for incoming college/university foreign students here in the Philippines who aim to hone their advanced English skills in line with the universities skills and discipline requirements.

Course Structure
Unit of Competency Module Title Module Content
1 Listening Vocabulary and Pronunciation Devlopment
1 Speaking Oral Communication
1 Reading Comprehension and Literary Analysis
1 Writing Written Communication
1 Grammar Fluency and Language in use.